Today, as we are exposed to the greatest toxic load in our planets history, periodic detoxification of one’s body is essential to help maintain health and avoid disease.

Because the skin is the body’s largest organ for detoxification, Vitality utilizes a medicinal grade sauna to help the body eliminate toxins through your pores.

Far Infrared energy can gently penetrate the skin 2 to 3 inches, resulting in a heating effect observed deep in the muscular tissues and internal organs. This “deep heating” along with sweating, is thought to be responsible for the healing effects and other health benefits.

Conventional saunas’ high temperatures are not well tolerated by the body at 180 to 220°F. Far Infrared saunas operate at temperatures of 100to 130°F, allowing a wider range of people to experience its benefits. Also, Far Infrared’s lower temperatures do not dry out your mucous membranes like conventional saunas. Even at a lower heat, Far Infrared induces 2-3 times more sweat volume than conventional saunas, increasing many health benefits, including detoxification, cardiovascular conditioning, and calorie burning.

Add on to any service- $10
Single Session-  $15
Package of Five-  $50


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